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I hate to do this sort of thing, but my dash is basically dead. So basically if you post mainly any one of the following things, reblog this and I’ll check you out!!

  • Pretty stuff (flowers, art, that sort of thing)
  • Cute things
  • Sort of dark things
  • Nymphet/Faunlet stuff
  • or a combination of any of those/things related to those
  • NOT PORN BLOGS (i don’t follow porn blogs, sorry)

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two male Goldfinches on the decapitated sunflowers…they’re gonna eat them anyway, so you might as well arrange it so you can enjoy the show and goldfinches are fairly unwary birds; I’m maybe 5 or so feet away…august 1, 2014

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using sunflower heads to lure the Goldfinches closer…male (top), female (bottom)…they’re going to eat them anyway, so we might as well get to enjoy it, too…july 28, 2014

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a young Downy Woodpecker checking things out…july 27, 2014

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…and a Tufted Titmouse…july 26, 2014…a pair visited today, but then again don’t tits often come in pairs?

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found a cake of homemade suet in the freezer and it’s attracted some new regulars; a female Downy Woodpecker…july 19, 2014

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a fledgling Grackle has discovered the birdbath…

june 22, 2014

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Jamie Lannister, a Northern Cardinal, gives me the stinkeye from the safety of the ornamental pear tree…june 12, 2014

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mother Starling (left) teaching her fledgling how to forage…may 23, 2014

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the Brown Headed Cowbirds (male pictured) are back…june 12, 2014

Cowbirds are one of the bad parents of the bird world; all Cowbirds lay their eggs in other birds’ nests, to be raised by them. we see ours running with the sparrows…

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