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HummyBooBoo, a Ruby Throated Hummingbird, came back this year. you can tell it’s her because she sits a lot, she’s kinda fat and she likes to beat up other birds. last year she beat up one of the goldfinches, stabbing and pinching the poor thing so hard it squealed and this year she attacked one of the carolina chickadees as well as any and every other hummingbird she could see and any nectar drunk bees who dare try to steal her gogo juice. I thinks she has now headed south for the winter, as we haven’t seen her in a few weeks…september 5, 2014

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a lone Carolina Wren, possibly our Meep, stands guard over the Kingdom of Birds, ever watchful for enemies, especially the Cooper’s Hawks who hunt here…august 31, 2013

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Cersei (front) and Jaime(back) Lannister, a mating pair (duh) of Northern Cardinals, have grown weary of sharing the feeder with the European Sparrows and treat them accordingly before Cersei quickly tires of the entire affair, so to speak…july 3, 2014

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one of the Carolina Chickadees raiding the sunflowers while the goldfinches are away…september 9, 2014

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a pair of Cowbirds among the Sparrows. Cowbirds are like cuckoos in that they are the shitty parents of the bird world. they leave their eggs in other birds’ nests…the female is the lighter, speckly one and the male is the dusky looking one…august 21, 2014

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in the Kingdom of the Birds only common birds drink where they bathe, as demonstrated by one of the Carolina Chickadees…september 24, 2014

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a rare late-season male Ruby Throated Hummingbird…september 6, 2014

usually they show up in late spring/early summer, knock up some lady hummingbirds and bugger off…this guy either has a girlfriend (is it our Hummy Boo Boo?) or is a straggler heading south from Canada.

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Jaime Lannister, a Northern Cardinal, is staring down his nemesis, one of the Downy Woodpeckers that have become regular visitors. Jaime has had it in for the woodpeckers ever since one took a peck at Cersei. can’t find the woodpecker? look behind the suet…can you see it?

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two male Goldfinches on the decapitated sunflowers…they’re gonna eat them anyway, so you might as well arrange it so you can enjoy the show and goldfinches are fairly unwary birds; I’m maybe 5 or so feet away…august 1, 2014

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using sunflower heads to lure the Goldfinches closer…male (top), female (bottom)…they’re going to eat them anyway, so we might as well get to enjoy it, too…july 28, 2014

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a young Downy Woodpecker checking things out…july 27, 2014

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…and a Tufted Titmouse…july 26, 2014…a pair visited today, but then again don’t tits often come in pairs?

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found a cake of homemade suet in the freezer and it’s attracted some new regulars; a female Downy Woodpecker…july 19, 2014

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